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Part of the search and rescue staff with Huaxi protective clothing board "Oriental Star"

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Disaster is always in the unexpected place ambush human, yesterday, is the "Oriental Star" passenger ship turned the disaster of the "first seven" memorial day. Since the evening of June 1, "Oriental Star" passenger boat suddenly encountered tornadoes since the Yangtze River, the 458 compatriots on board all the time without worry about our hearts. June 5 18:50 Xu, capsize 90 hours after the "Oriental Star" as a whole salvaged water, according to instructions, rescue workers will start a new round of search and rescue work - cabin search and rescue. At 19:30 on the 5th Xu, search and rescue personnel wearing protective clothing, assembled together, ready to board the ship.



Up to now, the Yangtze River passenger ship sinking the number of victims has risen to 432 people, there are still 10 people missing. Higher requirements of the relevant departments adhere to the "do not stop, do not give up" principle, continue to search.

It is a great honor for the officers and men of the fire brigade to wear a protective suit from Huaxi Eisai. At the same time, we express our deep condolences to the victims of the wreck. "Oriental Star" disaster reminds us that we need to learn from the cost of life in exchange for the lessons learned. Let us cherish life, only tragedy no longer occurs, is the best comfort to the dead.